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Our Outstanding Services

We work technically hard

Broken Laptop Service

Broken Laptop Service

Broken laptops can be a problem when our day-to-day work requires them. We craft and reshape it as it was when you bought as new.

Chip Level Service

Chip Level Service

Motherboard is one of the laptop's critical component, which in case of repair requires expert hands. Yes, We're experts.

Data Recovery Services

Mechanical Harm, Water Accumulation, Electronic Problems or File Corruption? We're certified for Data Recovery too.

Laptop BGA Rework

Laptop BGA Rework

BGA Rework service is provided by a very small number of service suppliers in India. We provide the best BGA reworking.

What We Solve

We Solve every aspect of the problems in your Laptop.

Broken Laptop or LCD or Display

Broken Laptop / LCD / Display

Hanging / Freezing

Booting Problems

Mouse Pad Not Working

Wi-Fi Not Working

Hard Disc Failure

OS Corrupted

Keyboard Not Working

Battery Problems

Software Problems

Not Powering ON

Body/Cover Change

Virus & Spyware Removal


Charger Not Working

Memory Upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrade

Data Recovery

Other Hardware Problems

Hacked Laptops

Liquid / Water Spills

Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair

Power / DC Jack Repair

General Service

Hinges Repair / Replacement

Speakers Repair/ Replacement

CPU Cleaning / Repair

DVD Repair / Replacement

Touchpad Repair

Web Camera Repair

Panel Repair / Replacement

Base Repair / Replacement

Password Recovery

OS Repair / Upgrade

No Display

Blue Screen

Internet Not Working

Shut Down Issues

Updates Crash

Graphics Card Problems